Wow. This is a big step in the direction that we’ve always to see “No Place Like Home” go in. We are striving to create a bridge between upcoming artist and music lovers that are thirsty to discover something new. For a long time there was a grey area between the two. As an artist, I’ve always felt like we are who we are before the world discovers us. Sometimes we aren’t developed but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t elite level creatives. We need spaces to strengthen and sharpen our craft. I will do whatever that I can to provide that for individuals like myself. I am consistently growing and I enjoy doing it side by side with like minded individuals. It will all come together in due time. RSVP for NPLH here for FREE ENTRY!

-Dayne Jordan  

First Quater


We are still in the first quarter of the year and I have to admit... it’s been off to an incredibly crazy start. I wish that I could tell you what’s next but this time around I am in the passenger seat simply enjoying the ride. If I could tell you one thing that I’ve learned over time it is to trust your instincts and go for it. Embrace the journey. Be patient. The universes timing is impeccable. It’s no need to fight against it. #Look4DaLogo


Dream. Drive. Determination.



I’m back in the lab. Well... I’m actually in the studio quite often but it feels good to be back in the zone. I find that as an artist it is important to make music and fine tune your craft as often as possible but it is equally as important to know when “it’s time.” I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of this!



In this visual you will see many of the creatives of Philadelphia in unison standing at attention near the notorious Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rocky Steps. You'll see many of the faces of some of the most talented artists from Philadelphia standing with Jordan as they all use that Philadelphia grit to continue to put their city on the map as the hotbed of beautiful music, art, and culture. When asked about what Jordan most wanted to convey with this visual he stated "What was most important to me about this visual was to see as many creatives in the same space and let God do what he does. To me...that’s Enormous." 

This video is Directed by Cristopher Schafer.

Press play and join in on the journey as Jordan is just giving you a cracked door view into what the future holds for the city where freedom, liberty, and justice was first just an idea before becoming rights for all.